Ronda Rousey to Fight in the WWE at Wrestlemania?

Rousey WWE

According to reports, Ronda Rousey may want to get her predetermined fight on in the WWE.  She needs to milk her fame for what it is worth and fighting at a Wrestlemania (more…)


Andre Ward Says GGG is Being Force Fed as a Star (Video)


Andre Ward is one of the better boxers we have, but he has a major flaw…he is BORING.  GGG has DESTROYED everyone in his path and has challenged ANYONE between 154-168 (not 175 like Ward claims).  Of course the only people calling out GGG (Lara for instance) fight for a different promotion and different channel, so no fight.  Ward needs to be more active and put on better performances and then maybe we WANT to watch him fight.  See the whole video below: (more…)

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Lyoto Machida’s Foot Does Not Look Good


After a 5 round masterful fight last Saturday night, Lyoto Machida was noticeably limping.  I thought he broke his foot without a doubt.  Well, X-rays confirmed that the foot is NOT broken (more…)


Fedor Gets Married, To His First Wife


Fedor has tied the knot again.  The lucky gal is is his first wife Oksana.  Not to often you see someone get divorced, re-married, divorced, and then re-married to their first wife.  (more…)


Ronda Rousey Talks UFC 170 and Her Movie Career (Video)

Rousey Movies

Ronda Rousey is on top of the world right now.  She has roles in The Expendables and Fast 7, as well as being the proclaimed biggest draw in the UFC.  She has a bright future in and out of the Octagon.  See her thoughts below: (more…)


Tyson Fury KO’s Some Bum, Then Calls Vlad Klitschko a P*ssy (GIF) (Video)

Tyson Fury

One thing Tyson Fury can do is talk some smack.  He can also put together pretty good combinations and KO the bums hang around the Heavyweight Division.  Check out the GIF of him and Joey Abell below, as well as the video of him calling out Klitschko H/T Zombie Prophet: (more…)

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Anderson’s First Interview Since His Injury (Video)


Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman was the biggest rematch in UFC history, but it ended up as a big letdown after a Silva kick was checked and broken in the 2nd round.  Anderson says he will be back and that he has unfinished business in the octagon.  See the interview below: (more…)

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Sergio Martinez: ‘When I Beat Cotto by Knockout, I Can Concentrate on Golovkin’

Image 2-11-14 at 10.15 PM

Sergio is starting the smack talk in his quest to be the best MW on the planet.  Cotto moving up in weight should make it easier for Martinez, but Cotto looked fantastic his last time out.  Sergio has been hurt a ton in recent fights, but has dug deep and kept winning.  Cotto is one thing, but GGG is a whole other monster.  GGG needs to build his resume, but I think he stops Sergio late and retires him.  See his quote below H/T Black Sports Online: (more…)