Kid Talks Sh*t, Gets KO’d (Video)

Don’t talk sh*t and stick your chin out.  Doesn’t take much to put you to sleep when you get clipped clean.  Might want to retire the Beast Mode shirt until further notice.

What if Superman had a GoPro? (Video

EA Sports Releases UFC Game Play and it Looks Amazing


Johnny Manziel Goes Long on a Jet Ski (Video)


The jet ski pass catching drill should be an event at the NFL combine, so Johnny could show off his practice skills.  If it had been at this year’s combine, Johnny Manziel would have been the only one ready to roll. In this Instagram video currently burning up the net, Manziel shows off his massive jet ski receiving skills. Just imagine if the Browns decided to play on water next season.

Johnny Manziel Knows Russell Wilson Has Opened the Door

Johnny Manziel as Walter White

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What if Superman had a GoPro? (Video)


This a pretty damn cool.  That’s all I can say about that.  See the video for yourself below: (more…)


EA Sports Releases UFC Game Play and it Looks Amazing (Video)


This game play that EA Sports has released looks absolutely amazing.  This game should hit in the Spring, but I can’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy.  See the footage below: (more…)


This is What Happens When You Mix Batman with True Detective (Video)

True Detective

Batman is a great detective, but we really haven’t seen him used in that way in film just yet.  Not sure Batman vs Superman will change that either.  No matter, this little mash up is very, very cool.  See it below: (more…)


Skier Dresses Up as Marshawn Lynch (Video)


You have to hand to Seahawks’ fans, they go all out.  This guy has the pads, dress, the whole 9 yards.  See the video below: (more…)


Heroes is Returning in 2015


The first season of Heroes was pretty awesome, but as time went on, the writing was bad and the show lost it’s luster.  Now, NBC is looking like they want to bring back the series under the title ‘Heroes: Reborn’.  The show was before it’s time and now it finds itself in the height of the Super Hero Era.  With some good writing and a cast that can pull it off, maybe the show can bring back some of that magic from season one.   (more…)

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Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith do the Evolution of Hip Hop Dance (Video)


Jimmy Fallon’s normal dance partner is Justin Timberlake for these skits, but on his first night as host of The Tonight Show, he went all in with Will Smith.  Of course, it’s fantastic.  See the video below: (more…)