Wes Welker Super Bowl Interview Walk Off (Video)

Wes Welker

As we’ve seen this week, players get burnt out on the mandatory media sessions during Super Bowl week. Here we see Wes Welker probably making the right move by walking off this interview.  See the video below: (more…)

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Budweiser Pulls at Your Heartstrings with Their SB XLVIII Commercial (Video)


Budweiser commercials are a staple of the Super Bowl.  Especially when it comes to their Clydesdales.  Now if they could only make a good tasting beer.  Too far?  See the video below: (more…)


Bill Hader Does Spot on Impression of Jabba the Hutt and a Ton Ton (Video)


Bill Hader does great impressions, but these 2 in particular are fantastic.  Check out the video below: (more…)


Andy Roddick Does Horrible Jay-Z Impression (Video)


Not sure what the hell Andy Roddick is saying or if this was supposed to be funny, but it is pretty much one of the worst impressions of anyone, ever.  See the video below: (more…)


This Guy is Not Pleased with the Results of the Royal Rumble (Video)

Some grownups don’t know what most 8 year olds know…Wrestling is predetermined.  It’s fantastic entertainment for all ages, but no reason to take it so seriously.  Maybe the WWE and Marvel are doing some cross promotion with Bautista and his upcoming role in ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’.  This is fantastic.  H/T Middle Easy for the find.


A Full House Reunion Super Bowl Ad (Video)

Nothing like Uncle Jesse, Danny Tanner, and Joey getting back together again.  Funny thing is, I think sh*t like this really happens to Stamos.


Kenny Mayne Says to Move the Big Game to Saturday (Video)

Superbowl Sunday is basically a national holiday, but all us 9-5ers have to peel ourselves out of bed the next day and head to work.  Why not move it too Saturday or just make the Monday after a National Holiday?

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Richard Sherman Remix ‘The Best in the Game’ by DJ Steve Porter (Video)

Seattle Seahawks defensive star Richard Sherman has been fined $7,875.00 by the league for unsportsmanlike conduct/ taunting for his biggest moment of the season .  Now it’s Superbowl week ,so DJ Steve Porter has cut together the best of Richard Sherman on the Mic. Enjoy.

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