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Fantasy football drafts are all about making adjustments. No matter how you prepare, there will always be twists and turns in your draft. Just like in real football drafts, you have to have a plan, but be ready to change directions at any time. Entering your draft, you better have an idea of what players you want, and where you want to take said players.

We have been proponents of using Mock Drafts this summer, and using players current ADPs (Average Draft Position) to get an idea of where your opponents are taking certain players.

This tool is not perfect, but it can help us prepare for drafts in many unique ways.

Many owners have “caught on” that WRs value has risen over the past few years, as indicated by current mocks. Grabbing a top WR has become an important asset for any fantasy team. Especially for those owners that have issues with some of the RBs late in the first round.

Using tools like mock drafts, we can see how owners are drafting players, and where we can expect them to land in our upcoming drafts. We will implement a strategy where we will take 2 WRs early and still find RBs in the 3rd-6th round that will have upside.

The ADPs come courtest of FantasyFootballCalculator

In the first 2 rounds we are basically looking a trying to get Megatron (1.08) with either Dez Bryant (2.04), AJ Green (2.03), or Brandon Marshall (2.07) coupled up together.  This will give you the biggest one-two punch at WR and an advantage over every other team in your league at the WR position.  I especially like Calvin/Dez as my combo.  But what kind of team will we be looking at if we try and pull off this type of strategy?

Here are the RBs that COULD be available and the corresponding round/pick that they are currently getting drafted at:

3rd Round RBs: Frank Gore (3.01), DeMarco Murray (3.03), LaMar Miller (3.04), Darren McFadden (3.07), David Wilson (3.09), Darren Sproles (3.11)

4th Round RBs: Le’veon Bell (4.02), Montee Ball (4.05), Chris Ivory (4.07)

5th Round RBs: Ahmad Bradshaw (5.04), Ryan Mathews (5.04), Eddie Lacy (5.07), Rashard Mendenhall (5.12)

6th Round RBs: Giovani Bernard (6.03), Shane Vereen (6.07)

Now looking at the list of players above, I wouldn’t consider ANY of them to be clear cut RB1s coming into the season.  There are some guys though that could definitely hit it big.  LaMar Miller is a guy that I have been touting all off season and although I would rather take him as my RB2, he could finish as a top 10 guy.  Same goes for Murray.  If Murray stays healthy, you have a top 10-12 guy on your roster.  You just need to grab Joseph Randle for insurance.

Le’veon Bell and Chris Ivory seem like they will both be guys that will carry the load for the respective teams and both are hanging around in the 4th round.  Another fourth round guy to target right now is Rob Gronkowski (4.08).  He could be in for another monster season if his health holds up. 

In PPR leagues Darren Sproles is a RB1 and Shane Vereen could be.  Bradshaw is a guy who I think will play 12-14 games and produce very solid RB2 numbers for you.  Gio Bernard is climbing ADP charts and could be a steal in the 6th.

Here is what your team could look like through 6 rounds:

1) Calvin Johnson

2) Dez Bryant

3) Lamar Miller

4) Rob Gronkowski

5) Ahmad Bradshaw

6) Shane Vereen

*Obviously you can mix and match depending on how each draft goes.  This is just one example.

In a PPR league, which all my leagues are right now, I would be happy with this team.  Just need a couple more later round RBs to hit.  Darryl Richardson (7.02), Andre Brown (7.07), DeAngelo Williams (9.02), Danny Woodhead (9.12), Jonathan Franklin (10.05), Ronnie Hillman (10.12), and Pierre Thomas (11.05) are all guys who could be bench guys who produce.  Not to mention the handcuffs like Ben Tate (8.03), Bernard Pierce (9.07), and Joseph Randle (12.02).

Look, every draft is different.  I can’t sit here and pretend to know exactly what will happen in your draft or tell who will be there when you pick.  This is why we mock, mock, and mock so more.   We do it so we are always ready to zig when others are zagging, and zag when others are zigging.  Something like that.  Could you build a championship team with a WR-WR start to your draft?  You can be the judge of that.

 This is one of many different strategies we will look at. We could mix and match many of the players in the specific round, based on individual preference. Only you know your league’s rules, league mates, and scoring system. Tailor make your own scenarios, and remember that you have to be willing to adjust to the flow of your draft.

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Juan Elway is an enthusiast of Fantasy Football, Movies, and Combat Sports, but don't call him an expert. He once shook Adrian Peterson's hand and AP winced in pain. Follow him on Twitter where you can partake in all sorts of shenanigans.