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I pushed hard all Summer for fantasy players to pass on QBs early, but to think that the top guys would struggle mightily was beyond even my wildest predictions.  Will they continue to struggle?  Will those that have overachieved early on, be able to continue their success?

Will Aaron Rodgers finish as a top 5 QB? (currently 20th in standard scoring)

Rodgers went as early as the first overall pick in some drafts this Summer, which I did not endorse in any capacity.  Rodgers and the Packers pass attack has struggled big time early in the season and I kind of expected some regression as defenses has a full off season to study this offense.  Last season was an anomaly, not what we can expect each and every year.  The schedule gets better and McCarthy will figure out ways the make this offense click.  Having Greg Jennings back healthy will help.  Rodgers will light it up soon enough.


Will Andy Dalton finish as a top 12 QB? (currently 8th in standard scoring)

Dalton has had a nice 2 game run playing 2 of the worst pass defenses in the NFL with the Browns and Redskins.  Not to take anything away from Ron Weasley, but to expect him to keep putting up 300 yards and 3 TDs per game is asking a lot from a pretty average talent.  I like him as a bye week fill in as the Bengals young WRs are stepping up and the defense stinks, so opportunity will be there.  With NYG, Oak, and KC still up on the schedule, he will make a solid QB2, but finish just outside the top 12.


Will Tony Romo still be a top 10 QB?  (currently 22nd in standard scoring)

I don’t doubt Tony Romo’s talent or the fact that he is loaded with skill position players.  I do doubt the interior offensive line and the fact that the Cowboys won’t be in as many shootouts as they have been in recent years with the defense stepping up.  Taking everything into account I think it will be hard for Romo to crack the top ten this season, unless the defense has major injuries and they falter big time.


Will RG3 remain a top 5 QB all season?  (currently 1st in standard scoring)

I love RG3.  I drafted him in a bunch of leagues and I am looking very smart right now.  The reason he is the #1 QB right now is the fact that he has been running wild in the first 3 weeks.  He has 32 rushes already, which is 8 more than the next closest guy, Newton.  The issue is the big hits that he has already taken and will continue to take if the Redskins continue to run this stupid option play.  I like the designed runs, but at 220 lbs, RG3 will not hold up if this continues.  I think the Shanny’s figure this out, but his fantasy numbers may suffer a bit. Top 10?  Yes.  Top 5?  I think he finishes right outside.


Will Philip Rivers get back to being a top 10 option this season?  (currently 26th in standard scoring)

Rivers killed his owners last season and he went later and later in drafts as the Summer went on.  There is something to remember when looking at Rivers going forward.  The return of his LT Jared Gaither.  Gaither has direct ties to the success of Rivers and that may show through as early as this week.   Rivers has a chance to jump up the leader board relatively quick.  This may not be the popular opinion among fantasy players, but I still think Rivers will come through as the season wears on.


Will Carson Palmer remain a top 12 QB?  (currently 7th in standard scoring)

Carson Palmer has sneakily become a very good fantasy option this season.  The Raiders QB will be forced to throw a ton and fantasy numbers will come in bunches as the defense is so terrible.  The problem is the health of the WRs.  Palmer will need his full compliment of receivers if he is going to continue to put up big numbers.  The good news is that Moore is close to 100% and DHB may miss 2 games, but it will give Derek Hagan and Rod Streater a chance to gain a rapport his Palmer.  I’m going out on a limb here and saying…


Will Cam Newton still be a top 5 QB this season?  (Currently 16th in standard scoring)

Newton has struggled early in the season passing the ball and it has effected him as a fantasy player.  We know he can run and is on pace for 10 rushing TDs this season, but the passing needs to improve quick.  The Panthers whole offense looked great against the Saints, but vs the Bucs and Giants they didn’t get it done.  Besides the obvious that the Saints D is terrible, their is one more variable that could help Newton get a lot better as the season goes on.  Jonathan Stewart only played in the Saints game.  He is a big part of the short passing game and can bail out Cam when the defense takes away the long ball.  I think Cam can still be a nice fantasy option and a top 10 QB, but it’s a reach to think he can be a top 5. 


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