Juan Vs Juan Jr: A Draft Recap

Namaste Juan…

So, Juan Jr did his first official draft tonight.  Let’s see if he one up’d his old man.  Take in to consideration  that he is only 10 and really received minimal help from me during the draft.  I guess he just listens well.  This is a 10 man league with standard scoring 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, K, DF (No Flex)…I drafted from the #2 spot and he drafted from the #8 spot.

Round 1

Juan- Arian Foster (2)

Of course the guy at #1 went with Aaron Rodgers which is freakin’ ridiculous in a 10 man league or any league.  I’ll take my #1 guy at #2 anytime.

Juan Jr- Darren McFadden (8)

The kid went with my big upside guy with his first round.  If he stays healthy he will challenge Foster for the #1 spot.

Round 2

Juan- Jimmy Graham (19)

I couldn’t help but go with my #1 TE with my second pick as we are forced to start a TE in this league.

Juan Jr- Steven Jackson (13)

Unlike his pops, the kid’s favorite team is the Rams.  He wasn’t leaving the draft without S-Jax.  At least I talked him out using his first round pick on him.

Round 3

Juan- Julio Jones (22)

My breakout WR of the year fell into the third round.  Thanks fellas.

Juan Jr- Cam Newton (28)

The kid loves him some Cameron Newton.  So do I.  This was another steal by team Juan.

Round 4

Juan- Victor Cruz (39)

I really wanted Victor Cruz Missile in at least one league and he was the best player on the board.  I missed out on Fred Jackson by one pick, who I was really targeting.

Juan Jr- Ryan Mathews (33)

The kid couldn’t resist taking a RB with this much upside in the 4th round.  Could you?

Round 5

Juan- Ahmad Bradshaw (42)

The last guy in my RB tier that I cared about and he fell into a round I fell OK about, even though I haven’t been a huge backer of Bradshaw.

Juan Jr- Marques Colston (48)

The kid had another steal here.  He was debating between Marques and Decker, but went with the guy who was got it done year in and year out.  He gambled on Decker falling back to him in the 6th.

Round 6

Juan- Jeremy Maclin (59)

I love me some Maclin this season.  Love him as my 3rd WR as he should easily be the most consistent WR for the Eagles.

Juan Jr- Brandon Lloyd (53)

The kid missed on Decker, but went with Tom Brady’s new toy.

Round 7

Juan- Stevan Ridley (62)

I reached a bit here, but something about me is that when I don’t see anything else jump out at me I take upside.  Everything points to Ridley being the guy in NE this season.  Double digit TDs could be on the horizon.

Juan Jr- Torrey Smith (68)

The kid took another one of my favorite sleepers.  Smith lands as his #3 WR, which considering the rest of the squad, is pretty solid.

Round 8

Juan- Peyton Hillis (79)

I love Hillis this season.  If the rumors of him getting half the touches are true, this is another steal

Juan Jr- Miles Austin (73)

The kid said he couldn’t resist the talent of Austin in the 8th round.  He’s a pretty smart kid.

Round 9

Juan- Kenny Britt (82)

OK, so he will miss a game and may not be at full strength early in the year.  I just need him to be good down the stretch.  If he regains his swagger I landed a top 10 WR in the 9th round.  Unreal.

Juan Jr- Ryan Williams (88)

The kid and I like upside.  Let’s just hope Williams doesn’t have any set backs, because this guy is far superior to Beanie Wells.

Round 10

Juan- David Wilson (99)

I love David Wilson.  I am a Giants fan and somehow I ended up with 3 of them.  Wilson has a ton of juice and if Bradshaw goes down, I have my backup plan.

Juan Jr- Titus Young (93)

The kid likes guys on the rise apparently.  Titus Young has potential to crack the top 20 WRs this season.

Round 11

Juan- DHB (102)

The Raiders are going to have to throw a lot.  I’ll take the guy who has lit it up in camp and is healthy.

Juan Jr- Justin Blackmon (108)

The kid went with more youngsters.  Blackmon is going to get 130 plus targets this season.  What he does with them is another story.  I like the pick.

Round 12

Juan- Kendall Hunter (119)

You know I love Hunter.  Gore will not hold up. 

Juan Jr- Mikel Leshoure (113)

The Lions need Leshoure to be the guy.  My love for Kevin Smith has faded lately because he just can’t stay healthy for longer than a week.  Leshoure could be a great pick here.

Round 13

Juan- Joe Flacco (122)

I waited till round 13 to grab a QB.  Too many dumb asses were grabbing there second QB before I could pull the trigger.  I’m gonna need Flacco to step up.

Juan Jr- Greg Olsen (128)

The kid must have read my breakout TE of the year post.

Round 14

Juan- Jake Locker (139)

I went back to back with my QBs, as I landed my 2 favorite QB2′s.  Not ideal, but the rest of my squad will make up for it if these guys are just decent.

Juan Jr- Andrew Luck (133)

The kid loves Luck and wasn’t going to pass him up in the 14th round.

Round 15

Juan- Greg Little (142)

People are not liking the Browns offense at all, huh?  I thought this was awesome value for a #1 WR.

Juan Jr- Danny Amendola (148)

The kid loves his Rams and I couldn’t fault him with going with Amendola here.  I like him a lot in PPR leagues, but 85-90 catches is still 85-90 catches.

Round 16

Juan- Brandon LaFell (159)

One of my favorite sleeper WRs rounds out my WR corp.  I may not need to make a transaction this season.

Juan Jr- Pierre Thomas (153)

The kid found another diamond in the rough in the 16th round.  Pierre Thomas is a very solid pick for a late round flier.  I like him more in PPR.

Round 17

Juan- Seahawks DF (162)

Even though these guys were taking DF in the 7th round, I held out and got a top 5 unit by my rankings.

Juan Jr- Bills DF (168)

The kid grabbed another high upside DF.  This is why I wait.

Round 18

Juan- Matt Bryant (179)

Kicker.  I don’t care.

Juan Jr- Alex Henery (173)

Kicker.  Like Father, Like Son.


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Juan Elway is an enthusiast of Fantasy Football, Movies, and Combat Sports, but don't call him an expert. He once shook Adrian Peterson's hand and AP winced in pain. Follow him on Twitter where you can partake in all sorts of shenanigans.