Dez Bryant Shows Off His New Kicks

Size 13′s Juan…

Dez Bryant looks in good spirits after having successfully surgery to repair the broken finger he suffered late in 2012. Now that Dez is part of the Money Team, he must know that Floyd Mayweather would not approve of him putting his sneaks on the Bentley.

Dez Back In The Day

Dez Gives The ‘X’ Before Going Under

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Champ Bailey Reps Dyme Life

I make this look good Juan…

Champ Bailey is still one of the best lock down corners in the NFL and will have the task of either taking away the deep threat in Torrey Smith or the wild card hero, Anquan Boldin this weekend.  I think it’s going to be a long day for the Ravens pass attack, as they have not played well on the road and this defense is playing lights out.

JJ Watt Supports Craig Biggio

How Knowshon Sees Ed Reed


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JJ Watt Supports Craig Biggio

Craig’s the man Juan…

As JJ Watt prepares for the matchup at Foxboro this weekend, he showed  support this week for Hall Of Fame snub Craig Biggio.  “Hall of Famer in my book”, Watt said

JJ Watt Struggles With 3lb Weights

JJ Watt With Justin Beiber


Demaryius Thomas And Eric Decker Have Taken On The Nickname ‘Black And Decker’

You wish you would of thought of it Juan…

Mike Alstott and Warrick Dunn were ‘WD40′.  Mark Clayton and Mark Duper were the ‘Mark Brothers’.  Now, we may have the best nickname for any duo ever.

The Broncos WRs will now like to be referred to as ‘Black And Decker’.  How awesome is that.  Peyton Manning has helped make the duo 1,000 WRs and after this weekend, they will be household names. 

Joe Flacco Is Fan Friendly

Chris Rainey Is Arrested

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Chris Rainey Arrested On Battery Charge

This is not my best side Juan…

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Chris Rainey was arrested this morning in Gainesville for slapping his girlfriend in the face during an altercation over a cell phone, Gainesville Police confirmed to the Gainesville Sun – This isn’t Gainey’s first run in with the law… he also pled guilty to a misdemeanor stalking charge in 2010 after sending a text message to his girlfriend that read, “Time to Die B-tch.” Nice guy.-TO

Thanks to TerezOwens for the scoopage

T.O. Does Synchronized Dive

Merriman Poses With Barry Sanders

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T.O. Does Synchronized Dive On ‘Stars In Danger’

I’ll need a water proof Sharpie Juan…

Terrell Owens and Antonio Sabato Jr doing s synchronized dive on the new T.V. show ‘Stars In Danger’.   The cast includes these two guys, JWoww, Kyle Richards, amongst others.

Clinton Portis On New Show

Tony Romo On The Fairway Again

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Shawne Merriman Poses With Barry Sanders

This guy would never be able to tackle me Juan…

Barry Sanders was one of my favorite players growing up and watching some of his amazing runs even now reminds me how special he was.  Not sure we ever see another like him. 

Barry Sanders With Arian Foster

Tony Romo Back On The Fairway

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Tony Romo Back On The Fairway

I never choke out here Juan…

Tony Romo and the Cowboys had another season end on a sour note as they choked in the final game of the season.  The Cowboys have parted ways with Rob Ryan, but I’m not so sure that was the right move.  Jerry Jones needs to take a step back and bring in a Bill Cowher type that can right the ship.  Don’t see it happening.

Tony Romo In The Seventh Grade

Tony Romo Cologne

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