The Protector 2 Gets an Action Packed Trailer

protector 2

I’m pumped to see Tony Jaa back kicking ass in movies.  I’m not sold the RZA as the baddie, but this looks like a good ass time at the movies.  See the trailer below: Continue reading


Heroes is Returning in 2015


The first season of Heroes was pretty awesome, but as time went on, the writing was bad and the show lost it’s luster.  Now, NBC is looking like they want to bring back the series under the title ‘Heroes: Reborn’.  The show was before it’s time and now it finds itself in the height of the Super Hero Era.  With some good writing and a cast that can pull it off, maybe the show can bring back some of that magic from season one.   Continue reading

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See the New Poster and Trailer for the re-release of the 1954 Godzilla


As we inch closer to the new Godzilla hitting theaters, the original Japanese version from 1954 will be making the rounds at select cities.  The poster above has been sent out for the re-release and you can see the trailer below: Continue reading

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Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith do the Evolution of Hip Hop Dance (Video)


Jimmy Fallon’s normal dance partner is Justin Timberlake for these skits, but on his first night as host of The Tonight Show, he went all in with Will Smith.  Of course, it’s fantastic.  See the video below: Continue reading


Andre Ward Says GGG is Being Force Fed as a Star (Video)


Andre Ward is one of the better boxers we have, but he has a major flaw…he is BORING.  GGG has DESTROYED everyone in his path and has challenged ANYONE between 154-168 (not 175 like Ward claims).  Of course the only people calling out GGG (Lara for instance) fight for a different promotion and different channel, so no fight.  Ward needs to be more active and put on better performances and then maybe we WANT to watch him fight.  See the whole video below: Continue reading

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Fan Made Batman vs Superman Trailer is Pretty Bad Ass


Not sure where they are going with this movie, but I hope it comes together and blows us all away.  Check out the fan made trailer below: Continue reading

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The Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer is Here


No voices for Rocket Raccoon or Groot, but I don’t care.  This is going to be awesome.  Marvel keeps on kicking ass.  Can’t wait till August.  See the trailer below: Continue reading

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Richard Sherman Surprises Young Superfans (Video)

Sherman 2

It was following the NFC Championship game that the All Pro cornerback made headlines following an emotional post-game interview. Many took to Twitter to criticize Sherman’s outspoken nature, one small Seahawks fan described Richard Sherman the best way he knew how. Richard wanted to surprise Nikolas and 10-year-old fellow Seahawks superfan Lucy in person on the show, and with the help of Queen Latifah both kids had no idea they were about to meet their hero.  See the video below: Continue reading