Johnny Manziel Knows Russell Wilson Has Opened the Door For Him


Both Drew Brees and Russell Wilson have shown that you can be 6ft or under and win a Super Bowl in this league.  This will only help Johnny Manziel, who could be the second coming of Frank Tarketon.  He states he will measure exactly 6ft, but that remains to be seen.  One thing is for sure, he knows Russell Wilson he owes a little bit to Wilson if he goes high in the draft: Continue reading


New Guardians of the Galaxy Images and Where the Trailer will Premiere Tomorrow


I think this movie could be huge.  It could be this generations Star Wars or something that cool and fun.  We have seen glimpses of what is to come, but tomorrow night on Jimmy Kimmel, we will see the premiere of the first trailer.  Can’t wait to see these guys in action.  See the newest images below: Continue reading

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Fedor Gets Married, To His First Wife


Fedor has tied the knot again.  The lucky gal is is his first wife Oksana.  Not to often you see someone get divorced, re-married, divorced, and then re-married to their first wife.  Continue reading


Greg Cosell on Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, and Johnny Manziel


With the NFL Draft quickly coming to a TV near you.  We will be bombarded with information and misinformation about who, what, where, and why each prospect should be drafted.  Everyone will be an expert and give their two cents, but few peak my interest like Greg Cosell.  When he talks, I listen.  Here is his take on three of the biggest QB prospects like will most likely all get taken in the first 8 picks.  See his breakdowns below H/T SBNation Continue reading

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Marshawn Lynch Lays out Some Dude at Brazilian Football Camp (Video)


If this guy didn’t know what Beast Mode was before this hit, he definitely knows now.  See  the video below: Continue reading

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Nike Confirms Back to the Future II Inspired Power Laces in 2015


Unless you spent some serious dough on EBay, you missed out on one of the 1,500 pairs of Nikes from Back to the Future II that sold for nearly $6 million.  Well, according to Solecollector, Nike will be releasing Power Laces Continue reading

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Pixar Draws the NFL Playoffs

Pixar 11

Last year Pixar gave us some great NFL art and they are at it again.  See all the coolness below: Continue reading

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Incredible Trick Shot at Madison Square Garden (Video)

Globe Trotters

The Harlem Globetrotters are super entertaining and now they are getting into the trick shot game.  See this awesome trick shot below: Continue reading

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