Matthew McConaughey Explains His Wolf of Wall Street “Hum” (Video)


Matthew McConaughey has quickly become one of my favorite actors with his outstanding performances in Mud, Dallas Buyers Club, and of course The Wolf of Wall Street.  The ‘hum’ scene is genius and now we know how he came up with it.  Check out the explanation and the actual scene below: Continue reading


Tyson Fury KO’s Some Bum, Then Calls Vlad Klitschko a P*ssy (GIF) (Video)

Tyson Fury

One thing Tyson Fury can do is talk some smack.  He can also put together pretty good combinations and KO the bums hang around the Heavyweight Division.  Check out the GIF of him and Joey Abell below, as well as the video of him calling out Klitschko H/T Zombie Prophet: Continue reading

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When Sochi Meets Star Wars, Hilarity Ensues (GIF)


GIFs like this are why the internet rules.  Not sure who created this, but S/O to them.  See the GIF below: Continue reading

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Tammy Official Teaser Starring Melissa McCarthy (Trailer)


I thought Identity Thief and The Heat were no bueno.  Not sure McCarthy is a headlining act, but she is still getting the gigs.  This looks like more of the same…bad jokes, she’s fat, etc.  See the teaser below: Continue reading

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The Evolution of Batman (Video)


This is a little tongue in cheek, but also takes itself a little serious at the same time.  If anything, it shows us how different Adam West and Christian Bale played the iconic character.  Now, we have to wait to see how Affleck rocks the cowl and cape.  See the video below: Continue reading

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Bob Costas Throws Down Some Ludacris (Video)


Bob Costas is usually know for his narratives on gun control or Native American team names…and more recently, pink eye.  This is just fantastic.  S/O to Next Impulse Sports for the find: Continue reading


The LEGO Movie ‘Outtakes’ are Fantastic (Video)

Lego spoof

You know I loved this movie, so it’s no surprise that I also love these outtakes as well.  Great stuff here.  See the video below: Continue reading


Anderson’s First Interview Since His Injury (Video)


Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman was the biggest rematch in UFC history, but it ended up as a big letdown after a Silva kick was checked and broken in the 2nd round.  Anderson says he will be back and that he has unfinished business in the octagon.  See the interview below: Continue reading

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