Brick Mansions, the Remake of District B13 Looks Pretty Badass (Trailer)


I have to say I am a fan of District B13 and excited to see the original actor (David Belle) was brought on for this, which is pretty cool. Obviously, this is one of Paul Walker’s last movies and the RZA joins in as well. See the trailer below:

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The Butt Fumble Done with LEGOs (Video)


Seems as though everything is getting done with LEGOs these days.  Now the famous Butt Fumble gets its turn.  See the video below H/T Black Sports Online: Continue reading

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Sergio Martinez: ‘When I Beat Cotto by Knockout, I Can Concentrate on Golovkin’

Image 2-11-14 at 10.15 PM

Sergio is starting the smack talk in his quest to be the best MW on the planet.  Cotto moving up in weight should make it easier for Martinez, but Cotto looked fantastic his last time out.  Sergio has been hurt a ton in recent fights, but has dug deep and kept winning.  Cotto is one thing, but GGG is a whole other monster.  GGG needs to build his resume, but I think he stops Sergio late and retires him.  See his quote below H/T Black Sports Online: Continue reading


‘Achy Breaky Heart’ Gets a Hip Hop Remake, but Don’t Worry…Billy Ray Cyrus is in it (Video)

Billy Ray Cyrus

As remakes go, I don’t know how or why ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ needed one.  Just in case Miley wasn’t twerking enough for her dad, he’s got plenty of twerking asses in this video.  See it below: Continue reading

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Everything That’s Wrong with the Notebook in 10 Minutes (Video)


CinemaSins have done it again.  They have pointed out everything wrong with the weep-a-thon known as ‘The Notebook’.  Check out the video below: Continue reading


The Retro Shop Series Featuring Shaq, Shawn Kemp and Lil’ Duval (Video)


Who’s the best big man in the game? It’s a classic debate that brings stories of old school legends to the new school generation. In Reebok Classic’s latest Retro Shop episode, one particular barber has a pretty strong opinion about it, and will post up against anyone to prove it…This hilarious video contains some amazing cameos and even better kicks. Can you spot the upcoming Shaq Attaq colorway set to release 2/14? Stay tuned to find out who’s up next in the Reebok Retro Shop.  See the videos below H/T Terez Owens Continue reading

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Key & Peele: What About “Non-Stop,” Though? Featuring Liam Neeson (Video)

Liam Neeson

Key and Peele love them some Liam Neeson.  They have done skits on Taken, The Grey, and now Non-Stop.  Check out the video below: Continue reading


Couple Breaks Up Using Movie Titles (Video)

Image 2-11-14 at 9.09 PM

This is not only impressive, but clever and entertaining.  These two use 150 movie titles to ‘break up’ and it’s fantastic.  See the video: Continue reading