The Fantasy Elevator: Preseason Week 1

I ‘m ready to break out Juan…

Going Up

Jake Locker

Locker looked good in his first action of 2012 and more importantly he vibed with rookie WR Kendall Wright.  Locker took the lead in the QB race for the Titans and hopefully he won’t look back.

Andrew Luck

Luck has Indy celebrating after his first snap as a Colt ended in a TD to Donald Brown.  Everything out of Colts camp has been ultra positive and he fit the bill.  Hopefully people don’t go nuts over one half of preseason football, but his ADP is on the rise.

Matt Ryan

I have already mapped out a plan to win with Ryan as your QB and everything may just come together for the 4th year QB.  New aggressive play calling coupled with a breakout star at WR and possibly even RB and Ryan is on the move.

Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill looked pretty good in his first action, as he passed the ol’ eyeball test.  He knows the offense and is most physically gifted QB on the team.  He may not start the season, but he will end the season as the starter.  Like his upside and Lauren Tannehill’s not too bad either.

Darren McFadden

Everything out of camp has been positive regarding his foot and we all know what he can bring to the table when he is healthy.  100% pure juice.  At this point the reward may finally outweigh the risk.

DeMarco Murray

Murray is big, fast, explosive and most importantly, healthy.  He has a mean streak and he has been showing it off in camp, while the coaches want to get him more involved in the passing game-muy bueno! He has been tearing it up and like McFadden, the risk is there, but the reward is outweighing the risk at this point.

Kendall Wright

Wright look explosive and created separation from defenders as was his MO coming out of college.  He caught all 3 of his passes from Locker, so as long as Jake is under center in 2012, Wright has a ton of upside.

Julio Jones

Well, the cats out of the bag.  Julio is going to be a monster this season and the Falcons are not be shy about how they plan to use him.  I’m All In.

Cedric Benson

James Starks stinks and now he has turf toe.  I have been on the Alex Green train, but it might have derailed with this signing.  I have heard several interviews with Benson and he is motivated and ready to produce.  He should win the job here and be a decent RB for fantasy.

Adrian Peterson

Well, AP is coming off the PUP and will be ready to start practicing this week, but how much can we put into his knee at this point?  He definitely on the rise and must be closely monitored to see how healthy he really is.

Peyton Hillis

Hillis has been getting great reviews in camp and may be back to the aggressive runner that turned the fantasy world on fire in 2010.  He looked great in his first game as a Chief with 52 total yards and a TD.  Hillis will be a great value pick this season.

Willis McGahee

McGahee was bulked up and slimmed down in order to take on a full workload in Denver this season.  Manning will love his pass protection and you will love his production this season at his current ADP.

Randall Cobb

Cobb was impressive in Green Bay’s first preseason action albeit with the second team.  I still look for Cobb to win the slot WR job and produce some nice numbers as a late round steal.

Stevan Ridley

Ridley played with the first team offense and carried the ball 8 times for 40 yards, not too shabby.  I love his violent inside running and Belichick does too.  As long as he doesn’t put the ball on the turf, 10 TDs should be well within range.

Shane Vereen

Shane Vereen tore it up in the second half of the Pats preseason game and further distanced himself from Brandon Boldin who is battling in camp.  I really like Vereen as a sleeper in PPR leagues and his 81 yards from scrimmage led the team.  Vereen and Ridley will be a good combo.

Jacquizz Rodgers

The Falcons are integrating a new offense which featured both Julio Jones and Jacquizz Rodgers.  Don’t sleep on the fact that they need to use these preseason games to get these younger guys on the same page.  Rodgers looked explosive and scored on a short TD run.  

Pierre Garcon

If you know me, you know I’m not a fan or Mr Garcon, but all indications are he is looking like a legit #1 in Washington.  He and RG3 connected on 3 straight passes at one point, one of which went for a TD.  Garcon moves up a bit.

Martellus Bennett

Bennett is kinda a head case and has never really reached his potential, but TE coach Mike Pope has done more with less before.  Eli needs a pass catching TE and he made Jake Ballard fantasy worthy last season.

Going Down

James Starks

Turf toe, poor play, and a fumble in a game where he needed to impress.  Hello, Captain Cedric Benson.  Starks will have to work his way back into the lineup, but I don’t think he will.

Ryan Mathews

I have laid out what to do with Mathews in your drafts, but this latest injury is a slight buzz kill. I mean, one flippin’ carry?  Still, this may be good thing…how you say?  Hey, let him fall and then snag him up for his immense upside.  You don’t win fantasy championships in the first 2 weeks of the season.

Trent Richardson

I was all in.  Then he needed another surgery.  I still think he will be a big producer this season, it just may take a few weeks into the season for the Browns to give him a full workload, but he should finish the season strong.

Shonn Greene

He’s not really a power RB and he’s not really a speed RB, he’s more of a really average RB that has just not gotten in done in his career and still looks like crap.  I gonna pass on this fool in 2012. 

Reggie Bush

Bush really hasn’t had any good vibes coming out of Dolphins camp in regards to him being the workhorse RB again in 2012.  New coaching staff, new offense, and a different way to utilize him.  More lining up out wide and less carries between the tackles.  This could all be horsesh*t and Bush could be fine.  I’m just not banking on it.

Chad Johnson

What an idiot.  He’s not a good football player and in what should be the last chance anyone should ever give him, he blew it.  Skip Bayless says Jerry Jones should sign him tomorrow…why?  He brings nothing to the table.


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Juan Elway is an enthusiast of Fantasy Football, Movies, and Combat Sports, but don't call him an expert. He once shook Adrian Peterson's hand and AP winced in pain. Follow him on Twitter where you can partake in all sorts of shenanigans.