The Fantasy Elevator: Preseason Week 2

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Going Up

Jake Locker

Named the starter today, which was no real surprise to me.  Locker has the skills to pay the bills and I predict could easily be a top 12 QB this season. 

Chris Johnson

He finally looked liked his old self and all indications out of Titans camp is that he is motivated, in-shape, and ready to bounce back from an abysmal season.

AJ Green

Green’s 55 yard TD against Asante Samuel showed the goods off.  Good to see that Dalton was able to get enough air under the ball and make the deep throw.  Green should be a top 5 WR in all leagues.

Greg Little

Little looked solid in his last preseason with 4 grabs for 45 yards, including an impressive 24 yarder with defenders draped all over his back.  He looks like a young Anquan Boldin and should be a solid WR3/4 in PPR leagues.

Donald Brown

Brown is a top the depth chart and Vick Ballard is his only real threat right now.  Brown has turned a corner and looks like a legit guy and should be drafted as a RB3/RB4 with upside.

Kevin Olgetree

Miles Austin’s hamstring issue has now become chronic.  Dez Bryant dodged a bullet today with a negative MRI of his knee, but the guy is an injury waiting to happen.  Olgetree has had a great camp and has been solid in preseason action.  Not someone that you should sleep on.

Antonio Brown

What an awesome catch and run Brown made against the Colts the other night.  I wonder if it will push his value to the point of where he won’t have much value.  Big Ben could completely tear his rotator cuff at anytime and Wallace will back soon.  Tread lightly, but Brown is a guy I like in PPR.

Jay Cutler

Cutler and the passing game looks like it is in total sync already.  Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey are huge targets that Cutler will take advantage of.  I have moved Cutler into the top 10 already as I trust him more than Vick, Peyton, or RG3.

LaVon Brazill

Austin Collie may or may not have a concussion depending on who you ask.  I’ll go by his past issues and what I saw…oh and his coach said it.  His season is in jeopardy and possibly his career.  Brazill is the clear next guy up on the depth chart and the way that Luck is tossing the pill, he could be a major value pick this season.

Rod Streater

Jacob Ford has a foot issue?  Say it ain’t so.  Here we go again, but never fear…ANOTHER rookie Raider is here to take his reps.  Moore is also dealing with the same hamstring issue from early this Summer, while Streater has looked fantastic and is a big target that could be a nice option in PPR leagues this season.

Danny Amendola

The Rams offense is starting to come together and Amendola is back.  After a breakout season in PPR leagues in 2010, he was lost for the entire season in 2011.  He has been the clear #1 in camp and should be a guy who gets a ton of targets from Sam Bradford.

Jerome Simpson

Simpson looks like the guy who the Vikings has been missing for the last few seasons.  A guy who can stretch the field and take the pressure off of Percy Harvin.  He is having a strong camp and preseason, which makes a under the radar WR in deeper leagues.

Going Down

Peyton Manning

He admitted that his arm strength is not back and he hasn’t looked very good in his first 2 games, throwing 2 picks while struggling to get on the same page as his WRs.  He scares the crap out of me this season and is no longer in my top 10.

Mike Vick

2 games and 2 early exits.  It’s ONLY preseason!  I just don’t trust that he can stay healthy for the season and will have too many early exits this season.  I don’t want this headache and yes, I know what he is capable of.

Miles Austin

Let me know when this guy has 2 healthy hamstrings for longer than a 2 week stretch.  I’m over it and will not be grabbing him at his current ADP.

Roy Helu

The Redskins coached didn’t trust him to stay healthy.  Now BOTH Achilles tendons are bothering him.  He’s dropped completely off my radar and should be off yourd too.

Austin Collie

Quite possibly another concussion for the talented WR.  He has gone from being an under the radar candidate to possibly being lost for the season/career.

Jets Offense

The offense looks out of sync and simple terrible early on.  I know they haven’t “unleashed” the pistol or whatever, but the o-line may get someone killed.  I’ll just stay away from everybody on this offense.

Jacob Ford

Another year and another foot sprain/injury.  Ford just cannot stay healthy and the Raiders have young, talented guys to take his place.  Once again he is not worth a spot on your roster.

Vincent Brown

Brown broke his ankle and could be out 8 weeks or longer.  He has gone from sleeper to dead. 

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Juan Elway is an enthusiast of Fantasy Football, Movies, and Combat Sports, but don't call him an expert. He once shook Adrian Peterson's hand and AP winced in pain. Follow him on Twitter where you can partake in all sorts of shenanigans.