The Fantasy Elevator: Week Two of the Preseason

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Every week as the season gets closer we will look at players that are on the rising and falling.  After the second week of preseason and Training Camp, here are the players that are on the move.

Going Up


Brandon Weeden

I have loved Weeden as a QB2 since Norv showed up in Cleveland, and now he has looked fantastic in the new system over the first 2 weeks of preseason.  If his young weapons show up, he will be a strong backup QB and could even push himself up into the top 12-15 fantasy QBs.

Mike Vick

Vick has looked very accurate this preseason and we just love what the Chip Kelly offense brings.  The Eagles offense will be an attacking style offense that will get the QBs quick throws and designed runs.  There is always a chance for an injury with Vick, but his upside is the top scorer in fantasy.  I predict he starts week one and puts up nice fantasy stats from the get go.

Running Backs

Eddie Lacy

We finally got to see Lacy in game action and he did not disappoint.  He finished with 8/40 on the ground, but showed power as he moved the pile and ran over defenders.  The Packers are excited about him and we are warming up to him as well.  He may go to high in drafts for me to pull the trigger, but if he lands in the right spot, I will grab him.

Giovani Bernard

Bernard was another rookie runner that got a lot of work with the first team in the second preseason game and looked legit.  He went for 7/37 on the ground with a short TD and a 22 yard reception in which he flashed his burst.  I would swoop him up the 5-6th round in PPR leagues and feel pretty good about it.

LeSean McCoy

If you haven’t seen his run form the other night, you can check out the ankle breaking run here.  McCoy looks fantastic and we love the way the offense has looked thus far.  Easily a top 5 pick in fantasy drafts this season.

Trent Richardson

Richardson looks heathy and is an offense in which the arrow is pointing up.  He made some nice runs the other night and with the volume he looks to receive this season, he is easily a top 8 pick in fantasy drafts.  T-Rich also took a big hit from Suh that is a must see GIF here.

Matt Forte

Forte is going to see a ton of targets this season, but his lack of goaline prowess has been a major question mark throughout his NFL career.  He did however get goaline work in the preseason game against the Chargers, which resulted in a 3 yard TD.  He finished the night with 74 yards on 8 carries, with the aforementioned TD.

Ryan Mathews

Yes, I know.  Mr Glass.  Mathews has actually ran hard and looked good through the first 2 preseason games, which is a stark contrast to last season.  He did get 5 yards per carry the other night, but the Chargers offense looks shaky, the offensive line is  sh*tty, and there is still that attack of the hangnail thing that could sideline Mathews at any time.  He’s hanging in there though and has upside at his current ADP, if you can stomach it.

Reggie Bush

Bush was used a ton in this weekend’s preseason game and it could be something we need to get used to seeing this season.  He was targeted 7 times and grabbed 5/44 and ran it 8/15.  Obviously PPR peeps are loving this.  

Wide Receivers

Danny Amendola

Amendola comes with risk, but he looks to have mojo with Tom Brady and finished with 6/71/1 on only 7 targets.  That’s just scratching the surface of what Amendola could do this season.  Check out the TD reception here.

Josh Gordon

It’s obvious that Gordon has skills to pay the bills and the Browns plan on getting him involved in their deep attack.  He grabbed 3/72 the other night and Gordon has the ability to easily be a top 10 talent in the NFL.  The Browns offense is on the upswing.

Kenny Stills

Stills hauled in a 16 yard TD and has looked like a guy ready to take over the #3 spot with 4/74/1.  Typically in the Saints offense the #3 WR is the deep threat and Stills fits the bill.  

Mohamed Sanu

The Bengals have AJ Green, Tyler Eifert, and Gio Bernard as their young trio, but Sanu has a chance to produce with all the attention those guys will garner.  He finished with 3/36/1 and nearly had another TD.  He could finish with 8 TDs this season.

TY Hilton

I don’t know how much more I can pump this guy up.  Hilton looked great again against the Giants and made an acrobatic catch for a TD.  DHB is little threat and Hilton is going to be the breakout WR of 2013 in my opinion.  Get him in every league and enjoy.  Reggie Wayne did have the catch of day, that you can see here.

Tight Ends

Jordan Cameron

Last week I was starting to sour on my initial ranking of Cameron, but the bad buzz out of camp could of been just a motivational ploy by the coaching staff.  I’m back on board after seeing what this kid brings to the table and the offense will be one that features his abilities.  With so many question marks at TE, I will have no issues taking Cameron as my starter this season.

Jermichael Finley

I have been flip flopping on Finley this offseason, but I might just be back on board with the talented TE.  If he could just show the dominance he has a few years back, we could be looking at a top 10 TE by the end of year.  I just hope that his production in the preseason is not just linked to the fact that Jordy and Cobb on are the shelf.

Zach Sudfeld

Sudfeld looks very good with a juggling TD catch (click it!) and a nice 2 point conversion.  He has been starting and it looks like he will be a part of the offense, with or without Gronk.  Moving on up.

Ladarius Green

Green has been lighting up this preseason with a 7/104/2 through the first 2 games.  The kid can run and if things go as bad as I think they will, the coaching staff may give him a long look.  Dynasty leaguers should already be all over this.

Going Down


Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill has already looked shaky and now has lost his security blanket in Dustin Keller.    Tannehill could still recover and have a good season, but we just haven’t seen gel with his top weapon and this loss makes his less attractive from a fantasy standpoint.

EJ Manuel

Manuel was well on his way to starting week one when he was forced to have minor knee surgery and miss the rest of preseason.  He still has the most upside of any rookie signal caller and obviously the best option on the Bills.  Kolb has not looked good and Doug Marrone has not ruled out Manuel to be the starter week one even he doesn’t play the rest of preseason.  That might be a little dicey, but Manuel’s fantasy value will be based on his ability to run  I’m not as high on him as I was before the injury, but he is certainly a guy I am keeping an eye on.

Jake Locker

Despite having a ton of weapons at his disposal, his mechanical issues and erratic throws are becoming problematic.  When Ryan Fitzpatrick is outplaying you, you have issues.  I think if we see Locker struggle early on, we could see the Harvard man behind center early on.

Philip Rivers

Rivers and the Chargers offense look like a complete dumpster fire right now and there might not be a light at the end of the tunnel.  Maybe Vincent Brown will emerge, but this is looking like a team that will be blowing this thing up this offseason.

Running Backs

Arian Foster

Any idea when we will see him do anything football related?  Madden doesn’t count.  A calf injury held him out early on and now a back injury has reared it’s ugly head.  I am definitely worried about him being ready for week one  with this new today and would avoid him at his current ADP.

Jonathan Franklin

I was on team Franklin earlier this Summer, but it doesn’t look like the kid can pass protect and Eddie Lacy is the man in the GB backfield.  DuJuan Harris looks like the change of pace back.  

Wide Receivers

Dwyane Bowe

Just haven’t seen Alex Smith get the ball down the field or outside the numbers.  The volume will there, but most of his passes are coming to his short and intermediate routes.  Until we see Smith start getting the ball to Bowe and we see the offense evolve, I will be dropping Bowe a few spots in my rankings.

Kendall Wright

I really liked Wright coming into the preseason, but the erratic play of Locker and the fact that Wright sprained his knee Saturday night and was quoted as saying he was ‘pretty  worried’ about the injury.  I’m holding off until we see Locker step it up and Wright get healthy.

Tight Ends

Coby Fleener

Fleener has not looked good this preseason.  He didn’t even turn and look at his QB on a 2 man route and the ball was almost picked.  Then he ‘sprained his knee’ on an interception.  The guy looks soft and I’m not sure if he will make that jump just yet.

Don’t Forget About MJD

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