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Written by: Brent

There were some tough matchups last Sunday that resulted in a few unsuspecting teams winding up in the 0-2 club. There are also a few surprises this year so far through 2 weeks so strap in as I present you with the NFL’s Power Rankings!


1) Denver Broncos (–) – Peyton Manning and his Broncos just wrecked his little brother and the Giants. This game was 10-9 at halftime and much closer than most thought it would be. Then Peyton went to work and with the added help of a Trindon Holiday punt return, the Broncos outscored the Giants 31-14 in the second. Ouch.

2) Green Bay Packers (+5) – Sure they lost Week 1. But that was to an absolutely unstoppable 49ers squad. The Packers responded by dropping 38 points on the Redskins before the 4th quarter started. Eddie Lacy may be concussed, but backup James Starks picked up the slack with 132 yards rushing and a TD. I can’t wait for the Packers/Bears series this year.

3) Houston Texans (–) – It may have taken Overtime to get it done but it didn’t stop the Texans to put up 452 yards on the Titans. Houston also proved it may have a real #2 receiver in DeAndre Hopkins who had a 7/117/1 statline. Exciting things are happening in Houston.

4) Seattle Seahawks (+5) – Seattle came back home from a close call in Carolina to a thorough drubbing of the 49ers. This game was somewhat close at halftime and then the ‘hawks really opened it up. Marshawn Lynch finished the game with 3 TDs. Seattle is now 2-0 and if they can play like this all season, they won’t lose a game at home.

5) New Orleans Saints (-1) – Scoring 16 points against the Bucs isn’t great. It’s not even good. But a win is a win and after beating Atlanta in Week 1, they took out another division rival in Week 2.

6) Chicago Bears (–) –  The Bears are 2-0. They sealed Game 1 with a Bengals’ defensive penalty and won Game 2 with a TD pass with 10 seconds to go. Those two games could’ve easily gone the other way and the Bears held on for wins. They have put the Packers and rest of the NFC North on notice.

7) San Francisco 49ers (-5) – Simply put, the 49ers got absolutely smashed in Seattle. The 12th man rules all. Nothing was clicking for them that night. Nothing. 3 points against a stout Seahawks defense is NEVER going to cut it. The 49ers should bounce back in Week 3.

8) Cincinnati Bengals (+2) – Cincinnati finally took another game from Pittsburgh at home. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a division win and it will give Cincy the confidence to possibly roll through Green Bay.

9) Miami Dolphins (+13- It sounds really weird to say but this team may actually be legit. Weird year so far. Beating Cleveland isn’t any great feat but they also managed to take out the Colts in Indy. If the Dolphins can get a lock on Mike Wallace they could actually manage to pull first place in the terrible AFC East.

10) Baltimore Ravens (+1) – This is the most complicated ranking this week. They got hammered Week 1 by the Broncos but didn’t play badly. Then they turned around and only put up 14 against a bad bad bad Browns team. This is still a team that rosters Ray Rice, Joe Flacco, Terrell Suggs and now Elvis Dumervil. They may have lost Boldin, but they’re still the defending Super Bowl Champs.

11) San Diego Chargers (+7) – It’s a shame this is the year Peyton manning decided to blow the doors off of the AFC West. If the Chargers keep this up, they might be able to snag a Wild Card. They have a fairly favorable schedule but will likely have to fight the Ravens and Bills for a spot.

12) Philadelphia Eagles (-7) – This ranking isn’t so much an indictment of the Eagles as it is praise of the teams that pulled ahead. Philly still gained 511 yards in the loss. The defense needs some work but it seems that the Chargers team they played may actually have a legit offense. If the Eagles can put it all together for 4 quarters every week, they’re going to be very tough to stop.

13) Kansas City Chiefs (+8)

14) Atlanta Falcons (+5)

15) Dallas Cowboys (-7) – I’m not convinced that the Chiefs are legit. Which makes this loss from the Cowboys look even worse than the scoreboard indicated. Dallas could only muster 37 rushing yards. They can’t do that AND win. It won’t happen.

16) New England Patriots (+8)

17) Oakland Raiders (–)

18) NY Giants (-6)

19) Washington Redskins (+6)

20) Arizona Cardinals (–)

21) Detroit Lions (-7)

22) Minnesota Vikings (-6)

23) Indianapolis Colts (-8)

24) Buffalo Bills (+1)

25) St. Louis Rams (-2)

26) Tennessee Titans (+2)

27) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (–)

28) Carolina Panthers (+1)

29) Pittsburgh Steelers (+1) – Oh hey look at that, they’re 0-2!

30) Cleveland Browns (+1)

31) New York Jets (-5)

32) Jacksonville Jaguars (–)

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Juan Elway is an enthusiast of Fantasy Football, Movies, and Combat Sports, but don't call him an expert. He once shook Adrian Peterson's hand and AP winced in pain. Follow him on Twitter where you can partake in all sorts of shenanigans.