Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Before now, bloggers were the only ones known to be tapping into affiliate marketing via their blogs as this serve as a means of generating passive income for them. Whether or not you are a blogger, there are several options available for affiliate marketing as well as strategies to make it work.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

But first what is affiliate marketing? This can be put simply as the process of advertising other peoples’ business and earning for every time someone buys a product or service from that business using the link given to you associated to that business. Say for example, I love a particular brand of perfume, I could reach out to the company that produce this perfume or those who sell them in bulk and Check to see if they offer affiliate opportunities. If they do have options for an affiliate partnership, I would sign up with them.

In turn, I would be given an affiliate link with my unique ID embedded in the link, whenever anyone buys a perfume using that link, I get a commission. This illustration gives a basic general idea of how affiliate marketing works.

How to Avoid Mistakes

As basic as the illustration on how this marketing strategy works, there are several mistakes most newbies make and avoiding such mistakes would help get you started on the right path.

Rather than focusing on being selfish by crafting posts to force people to buy a particular product, rather help them by making sure that the products you are advertising to them will meet a need and let them be aware of why they need to purchase the product. This way you end up not
sounding like a hungry child demanding your need must be met but rather sound like an emphatic individual who understands the needs of people and is willing to assist in getting them a solution.

Don’t Get Greedy

Another point to take note of is to avoid marketing too many unrelated products. If though they are related, too many products sends a wrong signals and makes it difficult to know where most people tend to resonate with more. Although, trying too many products at first might have its upside in the beginning, to know what products your audience are willing to purchase more after which sticking to it and every other related products that complements it become a good idea.

Keeping track of where your sales is coming from would help you in the long run know where and how to focus your marketing campaign. As much as I would love you to stick to just the products that works for you and generate the passive income you want, keeping an eye on new trends and respond to these new trends will help you in the long run as this will prevent the market from being saturated before you decide to tap in. Hence, always pay attention to the market trends and responses.

Affiliate marketing is a business that anyone with social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn etc. can embark on and be successful. Gone are the days when only those who own blogs can register and make money. Today, all it requires is self motivation and focus.

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Reviews Are Beneficial for Digital Products

In my last post I talked about affiliate marketing and e-commerce marketing and how you should start with either one of these.  In this article I am going to drill down have to start the best way.

This is mostly for people that are brand new to marketing or those that have had some success but still feel that there’s something missing.  I am sure that we all can agree that we always need to learn a new skill.  Learning is an essential practice that is integral for our growth.

Getting a Good Course

What I’m talking about here is getting yourself a good course in the line of business that you wish to succeed in.  You could start up your own Shopify store for example and go at it all alone or you could invest in a course that will train you to become successful provided that you put in the work and of course – the money.

You should join a few different communities online, specifically Facebook groups in your vertical.  Ask around what courses people are taking and see if there is a common theme.  If a lot of people are giving kudos to one particular course than it will be in your best interest to get a review on this particular course.  Do not just go out and buy it as you need to do your research first.


Take a look at Drew’s Internet Marketing reviews for reviews on Internet Marketing Products.  Here he will review a lot of the popular courses on e-commerce and affiliate marketing.  It’s a good place to get a second opinion but just make sure other course reviewers are saying the same thing about the course and that nothing seems fishy about it.

You can also consult forums for reviews on courses as well.  The main thing to look for is consistency and what people are saying about that product.  If there is something that stands out such as the product that doesn’t offer a warranty for example then you really need to think twice about your purchase.

Watch Out For Scams

Another thing you can do is do a search for the product and add the word scam beside it.  This will bring up the product and any related articles with the word scam in it.  Understand that sometimes this is a common marketing tactic for those who are pushing the product for the purposes of affiliate commissions so it is not always accurate.  You will need to use your best judgment when it comes to buying the course online but you should always get the opinions of a respected reviewer.

Wrapping it up

Although there are many courses that are free which can be found online and specifically on Youtube, you could get started for free but understand that the information you may be taking in could be outdated.  This is why a good course is essential because the creator should be updating information as it changes.  Things do move very quick in the online world so getting a course that he’s constantly updated is your best bet for continued success.

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Juan The Internet Marketer

Juan here. Do you or anyone else make a living working online? Perhaps this is a dream of yours or you just want to know more about how to make money on the internet. Lot’s of people do it and the best way to start is by buying a course and learning from it.

Do not worry though because I don’t have anything to sell here, although I may make some suggestions on a product or two 🙂

Whether you want to get into ecommerce or affiliate  marketing, those are the best two ones to start with. Truthfully though you should start with just one and i’ll tell you why.

Having your hands in the cookie jar for too many cookies is not good. What you want to do is specialize. That is why you should consider one or the other. Will it be ecom or will it be affiliate.

The reason why you want to focus on one only is because you need to make sure that you are 100% focused and will never lose it. It’s important to stick to it and never get discouraged. If you are doing too many things at once, then you’ll end up not focusing on one of them and it could be the one you should have paid most attention to.

So whichever avenue you decide to take, just stay with one. Once you perfect it and start making some money, then sure you can branch out.

This is the best method for success when starting out.


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